Happy Voices


Adore (Graham Kendrick & Martin Chalk, arr. David T. Clydesdale)  

A Blessing (Dennis & Nan Allen, arr. Dennis Allen)

Africa (David Paich & Jeff Porcaro, arr. Philip Lawson)

Amani (Audrey Snyder)

Amavolovolo (Traditional Zulu Dowry Song, arr. Rudolf de Beer)

Amazing Grace with My Chains Are Gone (Early American Melody/Chris Tomlin & L.Giglio)

Amezaliwa (Edwardi Kabuka)

Anthem Of Praise (Richard Smallwood, arr. Landy & Joy Gardner & Bradley Knight)

Asikha Thali (Zulu Freedom Song, arr. Mike Brewer)

Aya Gena (Tradtional Aftrica, arr. Dany)

Baba Yetu (Chris Kiagiri, Christopher Tin)

Bless The Lord (Tore W. Aas)

Bora Maisha (Traditional Swahili Proverbs, Robert I. Hugh)

Born Tonight (Denver Bierman, arr. Russell Mauldin)

Chocholoza (Traditional Zimbabwea Folk Song, arr. Michael Coolen)

Come By Here, Good Lord (Walter Hawkins, arr. Keith Christopher)

Come On Down To Bethlehem (John Parker, Joel Raney)

Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel (Traditional Spiritual, arr. Laeey Shackley)

Do You Hear What I Hear? Noel Regney & Gloria Shayne, arr. Candy & Joy Garnder, Christopher Phillips)

Does Anybody Here (Ken Reynolds)

Don't You Wanna Go? (Gerald Crabb, arr. Russell Mauldin)

Down To The River To Pray (Traditional, arr. Sheldon Curry)

Everybody's Talking (Traditional, arr. Arion Harvey)

Famba Naye (Traditional Zimbabwean, arr. A. L'Estrange)

Follow Jesus (Tony Wood, Chad Cates, Todd Smith, James Smith, arr. Bradley Knight)

Forever (Kari Jobs, Briean & Jenn Johnson, Christa Black Gifford, Gabriel Wilson, Joel Taylor, arr. Phil Nitz, Jenn Helvering, Christopher Phillips)

Freedom Is Coming (Traditional / Zulu, arr. A. L'Estrange)

Friend Of God (Israel Houghton, Michael Gungor)

Giving Him (David A. Gallagher, Don Wharton, Niles Borop, Arr. Lari Goss)

Giving Thanks with Thank You, Lord and Give Thanks (arr. Mike Speck, Cliff Duren)

Gloria! SIng Praise! Halleluja (Gary Hallquist)

Glorious City Of God (Phil Cross, arr. Lari Goss)

Go Down Moses (Tradtional Spiritual)

Go Tell It On The Mountain (Tradtional Spiritual)

Goliath (J. Paul Williams, Joseph M. Martin)

Gonna Sit Down And Rest A While (Patti Drennan)

Good News (Traditional)

Great And Mighty (David B. Scott, arr. Bredley Knight)

Great, Great joy! (Mark Hayes)

Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe (East Afrucan Worship Song, arr. Kirk Aamot)

Halleluja To The King (Jason Michael Webb)

He Never Failed Me Yet (Robert Ray)

He Shall Reign Forevermore (Matt Daher & Christ Tomlin, arr. Daniel Semsen)

He Will Carry You (Scott Wesley Brown, arr. Jay Rouse)

Holy Is The Lamb ( Tore W. Aas)

I Can Go To God In Prayer (Calvin Bridges, arr. Carol Cymbala)

I Know It Was The Blood with Victory In Jesus (Wayne Haun, Joel Lindsey, arr. Cliff Duren)

I Saw The Light (Cynthia Nunn)

I Shall Wear A Crown (Traditional, arr. Jay Rousse)

I will Follow Him

I'm Gonna Ride In The Chariot (Negro Spiritual, arr. Klaus Heizmann)

In Good Hands (William J. & Gloria Gaither, Dony & Rambo McGuire, arr. Jay Rouse)

In The Sanctuary (Kurt Carr)

It Won't Be Long (Andraé Crouch, arr. Jay Rouse)

Jesus Is Coming Back Again (Volker Dymel)

Jesus Is The Answer (Andrew Edward, Sandra Crouch)

Jesus Messiah (Jesse Reeves, Ed Cash, Chris Tomlin, Daniel Carson, arr. Jay Rouse)

Joshua, Fought The Battle (Tradtional, Chorsatz: Eberhard Rink)

Journey Medley (arr. Russell Mauldin)

Joy (Kirk Franklin, arr. J. Daniel Smith)

Joy In My Heart (Tanya Goodman Sykes & Walter Mills, arr. Marty Hamby)

Keep Your Lamps Burning (Tradtional, arr. Cynthia Nunn)

Kuna Karamu (Sally K. Albrecht)

Lean On Me (Kirk Franklin, arr. Andre Williams)

Let All The People Say "Amen" (Pepper Choplin)

Let Us Break Bread Together (Negro Spiritual, arr. A.D.Z.)

Lift Your Light (Mary McDonald)

Lord, Have Mercy (Pepper Choplin)

Lord, I Need You (Christy Nickels, Daniel Carson, Jesse Reeves, Kristian Stanfill, Matt Maher, arr. Daniel Semsen)

Make It Clear (Dennis & Nan Allen, arr. Dennis Allen)

Mighty Wind (Anreaé Crouch, arr. Egil Fossum)

Mountain mover (Jim Brady, Tony Wood, Barry Weeks, arr. Cliff Duren)

My God is a rock (Traditional Spiritual, arr. Gary Walth)

My Life Is In Your Hand (K. Franklin)

Nkosi Jesu (Tradtional Zulu, Joshua Spacht)

Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrica (Enoch Mankayi Sontonga, arr. Karl Aloritias)

Noel (Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash & Matt Redman, arr. Phil Nitz)

Nothin' gonna stumble my feet (John Parker, Greg Gilpin)

O, Sifuni Mungu (David Maddux, Marty McCall, Mmunga Mwenebulongo Mulongoy Asukulu ‘Yunu Mukalay, arr. Roger Emerson)

Ode of Joy (Based on "Hymn of Joy": Henry van Dyke, Ludwig von Beethoven, arr. Keith Christopher)

Oh Happy Day (Tradtional, arr. Edwin Hawkins)

Our God saves (Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown, arr. Dave Williamson)

Power (Tore W. Aas, Calvin Bridges)

Pray For The People (Pepper Choplin)

Psalm 1 (Dennis & Nan Allen, arr. Dennis Allen)

Put Your Hand In The Hands (Gene Maclellan)

Redeemed (Benji Cowart & Michael Weaver, arr. Mike Speck &Stan Whitmire)

Rejoice! A Soulful Celebration of the Season (created by B. Knight, G. Davis, L. Gambill)

Revelation Song (unbekannt, Chorsatz Sarah Kaiser, Jochen Rieger)

Rock-a my Soul (Traditional Spiritual, arr. Kirby Shaw)

Seed To Sow (Words: Wayne Kirkpartick, Music: Michael W. Smith, arr. Roger Emerson)

Shine Your Light (Jan Groth, Tore W. Aas)

Silent Night with Close Your Eyes And Sleep (arr. Heather Sorenson)

Sing Noel (Arr. David Hamilton)

Sometimes I Feel (Tradtional Spiritual, Originalbearbeitung Lothar Kosse)

Standin In The Need Of Prayer (Traditional Spiritual, arr. Joel Reney)

Stranger (Donald Lawrence, arr. Geron Davis & Bradley Knight)

Ten Thausand Years (arr. Lari Goss)

The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power (Andrae Crouch, arr. Jay Rouse)

The Joy I Feel (An East African Medley, arr. Tim Gregory transcribed Dan LeJeune)

The Name That Changed The World (Wayne Haun, Joel Lendsey & Lyn Rowell, arr. Cliff Duren)

The Old landmark (Traditional, arr. Wayne Haun)

The Only Name (Benji Cowart, arr. Harald Ross)

The Song of Christmas (created by Phil Barfoot, arr. Cliff Duren)

There’s A Light A-Comin’ (David Lantz III)

There’s Power In The Blood (Lewis E. Jones, arr. Jay Rouse)

Thulasizwe (Südafrika, Satz Ursula Hofer)

Use Me (Dewitt Jones, Kim Jones, arr. Carol Cymbala)

Victory Is Mine / Victory In Jesus (D. Norwood, A. Darling / E.M. Bartlett, arr. H. Ross)

Walk In The Light (Tradtional)

We Are Called (Jochen Rieger)

We Are Not Ashamed (Geron Davis, arr. Geron Davis, Bradley Knight)

We Believe (Lothar Kosse, Chorsatz: Eberhard Rink)

We Give You Thanks (Randy Vader, Jay Rouse, arr. Jay Rouse)

We Have A Savior (Ben Glover & Reuben Morgan, arr. Heather Sorenson)

We Lift Our Hands ( Tore W. Aas, Calvin Bridges)

We Lift Your Names Up High (David Thomas)

What Faith Can Do (Scott Davis, Scott Krippayne, arr. Dennis Allen)

What Kind Of Throne - A Christmas Musical (Tony Wood & Michael Farren, arr. Cliff Duren)

What This World Needs (Hector Cervantes, Mark Hall, arr. Dennis Allen)

Yes Ni Wangu (Traditional Swahili Song, arr. Ruth Morris Gray)

You Always Take Care Of Me (Jeremy Johnson, arr. Dennis Allen)

You Are My God (Jochen Rieger)

Your Grace Finds Me (Matt Redman & Jonas Myrin, arr. Harald Ross)

Your Name (Glenn Packiam, Paul Baloche, arr, Garrett Allen)