A Blessing A child like me 
D. & N. Allen, arr. by D. Allen G. Davis, arr. by G. Davis & B. Knight 
Adore Africa
G. Kendrick & M. Chalk, arr. by D. T. Clydesdale  D. Paich & J. Porcaro, arr. by P. Lawson
Agnus Dei  A King is coming to town  
M. W. Smith, arr. by C. Duren G. Davis, arr. by G. Davis & B. Knight 
All the earth sings praises  Amani
G. Davis, arr. by G. Davis & B. Knight A. Snyder
Amavolovolo Amazing Grace  
Traditional Zulu Dowry Song, arr. by R. de Beer Early American Melody, C. tomlin & L. Giglio 
Amen Amezaliwa 
K. Frazier, C. Gayle, S. Musso & J. Sherman, arr. by B. Knight E. Kabuka 
Angel Praise Medley  Anthem of Praise
arr. by B. Knight R. Smallwood, arr. by L. & J. Gardner & B. Knight 
Asikha thali Aya Gena 
Zulu Freedom Song, arr. by M. Brewer Traditional Africa, arr. by Dany 
Baba Yetu Behold Him 
C. Kiagiri, C. Tin P. Baloche & M. Wong, arr. by R. Mauldin 
Believe for it  
D. Hill, K. Lee, M. Wong & C. Winans, arr. by D. Wise  
Betelehemu Bless the Lord 
V. Olatunji & w. Whalum, arr. by B. Brooks T. W. Aas 
Bora Maisha Born tonight 
Traditional Swahili Proverbs, R. I. Hugh D. Bierman, arr. by R. Mauldin 
Call his name Jesus  Calling 
S. Craig, arr. by B. Knight J. Cox, G. Crabb & K. P. Gooch, arr. by S. Mauldin 
Can't stop singing Celtic Worship  
I. Hougton, D. Binion & J. Dufrene, arr. by B. Knight arr. by B. Knight 
Chocholoza Closing Medley 
Traditional Zimbabwea Folk Song, arr. by M. Coolen arr. by C. Duren 
Come by here, good Lord Come on down to Bethlehem 
W. Hawkins, arr. by K. Christopher  J. Parker, J. Raney
Dance of Joy  Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel
D. Moffitt, A. Rice & D. Fenison, arr. by T. Cottrell Traditional Spiritual, arr. by Laeey Shackley 
Do you hear, what I hear? Does anybody here 
N. Regney & G. Shayne, arr. by C. & J. Garnder, C. Phillips  K. Reynolds
Don't you wanna go? Down to the river to pray 
G. Crabb, arr. by R. Mauldin Traditional, arr. by Sheldon Curry 
Emmanuel End of the beginning 
G. Davis & L. Gambill, arr. by B. Knight D. Phelps, arr. by C. Duren 
Everybody's talking Famba naye 
Traditional, arr. by A. Harvey Traditional Zimbabwean, arr. by A. L'Estrange 
Follow Jesus Forever 
T. Wood, C. Cates, T. Smith, J. Smith, arr. by B. Knight K. Jobs, B. & J. Johnson, C. Black Gifford, G. Wilson, J. Taylor, arr. by P. Nitz, J. Helvering, C. Phillips 
Freedom is scoming Friend of God 
Traditional Zulu, arr. by A. L'Estrange I. Houghton, M. Gungor 
Giving Him Giving thanks 
D. A. Gallagher, D. Wharton, N. Borop, arr. by L. Goss D. A. Gallagher, D. Wharton, N. Borop, arr. by L. Goss 
Gloria (Out of the darkness) Gloria  
M. Weaver, M. Farren, D. Davis & T. Wood, arr. by C. Duren I. Houghton & C. Cruse-Ratcliff, arr. by B. Knight 
Gloria! Sing Praise! Halleluja! Glorious city of God 
G. Hallquist P. Cross, arr. by L. Goss 
Glorious God God Is in this Story
M. Duren & M. Lapointe, arr. by C. Duren J. Pardo, K. Nichole & E. Hulse, arr. by P. Nitz
Go down Moses   
Traditional Spiritual   
Go tell it on the mountain Go tell it on the mountain 
Traditional Spiritual J. W. Work Jr., arr. by J. Rouse 
God is my everything God is with us 
P. Gray Jr., arr. by M. Speck & C. Duren P. Barfoot & R. J. Peck, arr. by B. Knight 
God is Real Great God Great Praise
R., L. & J. Mills, S. C. Smith & B. Weeks, arr. by C. Duren K. Carr, arr. by B. Knight
God who reigns on high Goliath 
T. Wood & M. Farren, arr. by C. Duren J. P. Williams, J. M. Martin 
Gonna sit down and rest a while  Good good father
P. Drennan  P. Barrett & A. Brown, arr. by D. Semsen
Good news  Great and mighty
 Traditional D. B. Scott, arr. by B. Knight
Great God Great Praise Great, great joy 
K. Carr, arr. by B. Knight M. Hayes 
Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe Halleluja 
East African Worship Song, arr. by K. Aamot G. Davis, arr. by G. Davis & B. Knight 
Halleluja to the King Heart of Worship 
J. M. Webb M. Redman, arr. by B. Knight 
He is He is still the Christ of Christmas 
H. Bentley, D. Drowder & J. Pardo, arr. by J. Rouse G. Davis, arr. by G. Davis & B. Knight 
He never failed me yet He shall reign forevermore 
R. Ray M. Daher & C. Tomlin, arr. by D. Semsen 
He will carry you  He's here 
S. W. Brown, arr. by J. Rouse P. Barfoot & R. J. Peck, arr. by C. Duren 
Holy is the lamb Holy thou art God 
T. W. Aas R. Smallwood, arr. by B. Knight 
Holy Forever House of the Lord
C. Tomlin, B. & J. Johnson, J. Ingram & P. Wickham, arr. by C. Duren J. Smith, P. Wickham, arr. by P. Nitz
How awesome is our God Hymn of Heaven
I. Houghton, M. Houghton & N. Diedericks, arr. by N. Diedericks P. Wickham, C. Davenport, B. & B. Johnson, arr. by J. Rouse
 I Am   
J. Nelson & D. Sorey, arr. by B. Knight   
I can go to God in prayer If I be lifted up 
C. Bridges, arr. by C. Cymbala G. Davis & M. Willard, arr. by G. Davis 
I heard the bells I know it was the blood 
P. Barfoot & R. J. Peck, arr. by B. Knight  W. Haun & J. Lindsey, arr. by C. Duren
I saw the light I shall wear a crown 
C. Nunn Traditional, arr. by J. Rouse 
I still believe in Christmas  
A. Wilson, J. Pardo & M. West, arr. by P. Nitz  
I vow to Worship you I will follow Him 
T. Walker, arr. by B. Knight J. W. Stole & P. Thibaut 
I'm gonna ride in the chariot Impossible things 
Negro Spiritual, arr. by K. Heizmann B. Brown, C. Mc Clarney, C. Tomlin & E. Cash, arr. by C. Duren & T. Reeves 
In good hands In praise of you 
W. J. & G. Gaither, D. & R. Mc Guise, arr. by J. Rouse S. C. Smith & T. Labar, arr. by L. & J. Gardner & C. Phillips 
In the sanctuary  It won't be long
K. Carr A. Crouch, arr. by J. Rouse 
Jenga Imani Yako  
I. Kagaruki, arr. by E. Rogers  
Jesus Jesus is coming back again 
C. Tomlin & E. Cash, arr. by P. Nitz V. Dymel 
Jesus is the answer Jesus Messiah 
A. Edward & S. Crouch J. Reeves, E. Cash, C. tomlin & D. Carson, arr. by J. Rouse 
Jesus, King of kings Joshua, fought the battle 
T. Wood & M. Farren, arr. by C. Duren Traditional, Chorsatz: E. Rink 
Journey Medley Joy 
arr. by R. Mauldin K. Franklin, arr. by J. D. Smith 
Joy in my heart Joy to the world 
T. Goodman Sykes & W. Mills, arr. by M. Hamby M. Mcelroy, J. Joubert & B. Red, arr. by B. Knight 
Keep your lamps burning Kuna Karamu 
Traditional, arr. by C. Nunn S. K. Albrecht 
Lean on me Let all the people say Amen 
K. Franklin, arr. by A. Williams P. Choplin  
Let earth reseive her King Let it shine 
T. Wood & M. Farren, arr. by C. Duren   G. Davis, arr. by G. Davis & B. Knight 
Let us break bread together  Lift your light
 Negro Spiritual, arr. by A.D.Z.  M. McDonald 
Let the Saints Sing  
A. Perry, T. Smith, M. Farren, A. Hall & T. Wood  
Long was it spoken Lord I need you 
T. Wood & M. Farren, arr. by C. Duran  C. Nickels, D. Carson, J. Reeves, K. Stanfill & M. Maher, arr. by D. Semsen  
Lord of heaven Lord, have mercy 
P. Barfoot & R. J. Peck, arr. by B. Knight  P. Choplin  
Love lifted me Make it clear 
Z. Matoga & P. N. Thompson, arr. by B. Knight  D. & N. Allen, arr. by D. Allen  
Midnight Hallelujah Mighty Good 
D. Clark & C. Duren, arr. by P. Nitz   A. W. Lindsey, J. Burt & T. Cory, arr. by B. Knight 
Mighty wind Mountain mover 
 A. Crouch, arr. by E. Fossum J. Brady, T. Wood & B. Weeks, arr. by C. Duren  
My God Is Real My Jesus
K. Morris, arr. by R. Mauldin J. Pardo, M. West & A. Wilson, arr. by C. Phillips & P. Nitz
My God is a rock My life is in your hand 
 Traditional Spiritual, arr. by G. Walth K. Franklin  
Never forsaken New name written down in glory 
 J. Lindsey & W. Haun, arr. by M. Hamby D. Gentiles, C. Gayle, D. Gibbs & the Emerging Sound, arr. by D. Semsen  
Nkosi Jesu Nkosi Sikelel'i Africa 
Traditional Zulu, J. Spacht   E. Mankayi Sontonga, arr. by K. Aloritias
Nobody No Greater 
J.M. Hall, M. West, B. Herms, arr. by P. Nitz A. Love III, arr. by C. Duren 
No greater love Noel 
H. Walker & J. Martin, arr. by G. Davis & T. Brinson  C. Tomlin, E. Cash & M. Redman, arr. by P. Nitz  
Nothin' gonna stumble my feet O Sifuni Mungu
J. Parker & G. Gilpin   D. Maddux, M. McCall & M. Mwenebulongo Mulongoy & A. Yunu Mukalay, arr. by R. Emerson 
Ode of Joy Oh come Immanuel 
 H. van Dyke, Ludwig von Beethoven, arr. by K. Christopher T. Wood & M. Farren, arr. by C. Duren  
Oh happy day Oh, holy night 
 Traditional, arr. by E. Hawkins  P. Wright III & L. Shipman, arr. by B. Knight 
Old Church Basement  
S. Furtick, D. Bowe, B. Lake & C. Moore, arr. by C. Duren  
Our God saves Peace in the midst of the storm 
 P. Baloche & B. Brown, arr. by D. Williamson  S. R. Adams, arr. by D. T. Clydesdale 
Power Praise
T. W. Aas & C. Bridges  P. Barrett, C. Brown, C. Carnes, S. Furtick, B. Lake, C. Moore, arr. by P. Nitz
Pray for the people   
 P. Choplin   
Precious Lord take my hand Pression on 
 T. A. Dorsey, arr. by K. Garner & T. Reeves B. Dylan, arr. by C. Phillips  
Psalm 1 Put your hand in the hands 
 D. & N. Allen, arr. by D. Allen G. Maclellan  
Reckless love  Redeemed
C. Culver, C. Asbury & R. Jackson, arr. by D. Wise & D. Shipps   B. Cowart & M. Weaver, arr. by M. Speck & S. Whitmire
Rock-a my soul Say the name 
 Traditional Spiritual, arr. by K. Shaw  M. Farren, J. Habedank & T. Wood, arr. by C. Duren 
Same God  
P. Barrett, C. Brown, S. Furtick & B. Lake, arr. by C. Duren  
Seed to sow Shine on 
Words: W. Kirkpatrick, Music: M. W. Smith, arr. by R. Emerson   G. Davis, arr. by G. Davis & B. Knight 
Shine your light Silent Night with Close your eyes and sleep 
 J. Groth & T. W. Aas  arr. by H. Sorenson 
Sing Joy Sing Noel 
G. Davis, B. Knight & R. Stone, arr. by G. Davis & B. Knight  arr. by D. Hamilton  
Siyahamba Sometimes I feel 
 arr. by R. Robinson Traditional Spiritual, Originalbearbeitung L. Kosse  
Song in the air Song of my heart 
C. Eaton, C. Nockels & N. Nockels, arr. by B. Knight    N. Walker, D. Binion & J. Dufrene, arr. by D. Semsen
Soon and very soon Stand 
 A. Crouch, arr. by R. A. Dilworth J. Brady, B. Weeks & T. Wood, arr. by R. Kingsmore  
Standin in the need of prayer Stranger 
Traditional Spiritual, arr. by J. Reney   D. Lawrence, arr. by G. Davis & B. Knight 
Ten thausend years Take me to the king 
 arr. by L. Goss   K. Franklin, arr. by G. Davis
The answer is Jesus  
L. Black, K. Peck Gooch & K. Turner West, arr. by M. Hamby  
The blood will never lose it's power The good, good news 
A. Crouch, arr. by J. Rouse   L. Harris, D. Clark & N. Robertson, arr. by N. Robertson 
The greatness of our God The joy I feel 
 C. Wedgeworth, B. Fowler & E. Hulse, arr. by D. Semsen An East African Medley, arr. by T. Gregory transcribed D. LeJeune 
The light has come The name that changed the world 
C. Duren & K. Kirkland, arr. by C. Duren   W. Haun, J. Lendsey & L. Rowell, arr. by C. Duren 
The old landmark The only name 
 Traditional, arr. by W. Haun  B. Cowart, arr. by H. Ross 
There's a light a-coming There's power in the blood 
 D. Lantz III  L. E. Jones, arr. by J. Rouse 
 This is a move Thulasizwe 
T. Cobbs Leonard, B. Lake, T. Brown & N. Moore, arr. by N. Robertson  Südafrika, Satz U. Hofer  
To the one Use me 
 J. Pardo, A. Palmer & A. Parker, arr. by C. Wagner & K. Monroe D. Jones & K. Jones, arr. by C. Cymbala  
Victory is mine Walk in the light 
D. Norwood, A. Darling & E. M. Bartlett, arr. by H. Ross   Traditional 
We are called We are not ashamed 
 J. Rieger G. Davis, arr. by G. Davis & B. Knight  
We believe  We give you thanks
 L. Kosse, Chorsatz: E. Rink  R. Vader & J. Rouse, arr. by J. Rouse 
We have a savior We have come to worship 
 B. Glover & R. Morgan, arr. by H. Sorenson G. Davis, arr. by G. Davis & B. Knight  
We lift our hands We lift your names up high 
 T. W. Aas & C. Bridges  D. Thomas 
We've come a long way We're telling good news 
Traditional Liberian Song, arr. by J. A. Behnke M. Harland, C. Duren & D. Clark, arr. by C. Phillips  
Well done What faith can do 
D. Scott & G. Davis, arr. by B. Knight  S. Davis & S. Krippayne, arr. by D. Allen  
What kind of throne What this world needs 
 T. Wood & M. Farren, arr. by C. Duren  H. Cervantes & M. Hall, arr. by D. Allen 
Wonderful love Worship his glory, worship the king 
T. Wood, M. Farren & C. Wesley, arr. by C. Duren    M. McDonald, arr. by M. McDonald
Worth Yes and Amen 
 A. Brown, arr. by B. Knight  C. McClarney, N. Moore & T. Brown, arr. by C. Duren & T. Reeves 
Yesu ni wangu  You always take care of me
 Traditional Swahili Song, arr. by R. Morris Gray  J. Johnson, arr. by D. Allen 
You are life  You are my God
 S. Ligertwood, A. King, B. Tan & M. G. Chislett, arr. by C. Duren   J. Rieger
Your grace finds me Your name 
 M. Redman & J. Myrin, arr. by H. Ross  G. Packiam, P. Baloche, arr. by G. Allen